BrightSource combines breakthrough solar technologies with advanced storage, implementation and optimization capabilities to harness and manage renewable energy resources and provide the power required to meet the world’s growing clean energy and future grid needs

The BrightSource Advantage

We are a pioneer in software-based optimized distributed power dispatch, with over 700 MW of renewables deployed.


We combine deep expertise in system modeling, optimization, forecasting, data mining and AI into a seamless toolset covering all aspects of asset management.


Through customized simulations and analyses, we empower customers to optimize, design, commission, aggregate and deploy, while streamlining costs and maximizing revenue.
From CSP Leader to EMS Leader - Proven Building Blocks
Broad set of skills: computer vision, big data, algorithms & optimization, sensor fusion, energy storage management, weather analysis, wireless communication:
POC for Microgrid with PV, battery storage, and multiple EV chargers.

EMS Leaders

Retargeting the technology for revenue optimization, online monitoring, aggregation, and fleet management of renewable energy and storage assets.

Developing an Energy Management System (EMS) – OASES™ for a variety of use cases and stakeholders, including developers, owners, traders, operators, and aggregators of distributed assets.

Extending our excellence and expertise into the wide space of Future Grid and becoming a global leading provider of storage and energy management solutions.