BrightSource, a pioneer in software-based optimized distributed power dispatch, aims to be the world’s premier vendor of Stored Energy Scheduling Systems (SESS) that will make electric grids sustainable, reliable, resilient and affordable – radically changing a multi trillion global power market.


Optimizing DER & BESS investment, maximizing revenues and managing operation

The OASES™ Energy Management System

The OASES™ Energy Management System (EMS) by BrightSource is a cloud-based solution designed to intelligently plan, manage, control, and optimize storage and renewable energy assets, including PV, battery storage, microgrids, EV charging and virtual power plants. The system maximizes revenues and availability and streamlines asset planning and management. It offers a modular architecture, providing flexibility and resilience, catering to multiple stakeholders throughout the asset and portfolio lifecycle. It provides a range of intelligent, interactive tools that address various aspects of energy management, revenue stacking, AI-driven decisions, data visualization, and collaboration.

OASES™ - Intelligent EMS

Planning, benchmarking and digital twins

Microgrids and virtual power plants

Real-time revenue optimization

Aggregation and portfolio management

Climate and demand forecasting

AI and machine learning

The BrightSource Advantage

We are a pioneer in software-based optimized distributed power dispatch, with over 700 MW of renewables deployed.
We combine deep expertise in system modeling, optimization, forecasting, data mining and AI into a seamless toolset covering all aspects of asset management.
Through customized simulations and analyses, we empower customers to optimize, design, commission, aggregate and deploy, while streamlining costs and maximizing revenue.
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