BrightSource Energy

BrightSource Energy is a pioneer in software-based optimized distributed power dispatch and aims to be the world’s premier vendor of Stored Energy Scheduling Systems (SESS) that will make electric grids sustainable, reliable, resilient, and affordable – radically changing a multi-trillion dollar global power market.


Maximize renewable energy revenues across all asset portfolios with advanced generation optimization and AI-driven market participation

OASES™ - forecasting, optimizing, and maximizing revenues from all assets and portfolios

The OASES™ Energy Management System by BrightSource Energy is a cloud-hosted, modular platform designed to optimize and enhance renewable energy resources such as photovoltaics, battery storage, microgrids, wind turbines, and electric vehicle charging stations.  

OASES™ reduces operational costs and maximizes revenues through forecasting, advanced generation optimization, AI-driven market participation, and automated bidding. It features digital-twin technology for optimal planning and sizing, ensuring efficient and sustainable operations.  

Adaptable to any asset type and size, OASES™ quickly adjusts to market and regulatory changes, supporting diverse business policies and technologies.  With cutting-edge data visualization and collaborative tools, OASES™ drives profitability and sustainability in the renewable energy sector.

Real-time bidding optimization for revenue maximization

Demand and generation forecasting

Aggregation and portfolio managment

Diverse use cases:
BESS, Microgrids, VPP, V2G

Planning, benchmarking, and digital-twins

Weather prediction, AI, and machine learning

The BrightSource Advantage

BrightSource Energy stands out in the renewable energy sector by offering a unique combination of expertise, technology, and a future-proof approach to energy systems.
The BrightSource Team
A cohesive and multidisciplinary group of talented software, algorithms, and process professionals, all with a deep and long history in the renewable energy field.
Proven Technology
Field-proven building blocks of computer vision, big data, algorithms & optimization, sensor fusion, energy storage management, weather analysis and forecasting, wireless communication.
A true energy systems company that handles the entire lifecycle of renewable energy projects. It employs advanced tools capable of addressing complexities far beyond those posed by current energy challenges.
Under development